How can i be a member of The Club?

It´s easy. You only have to be pay a monthly subscription or a yearly one, with a nice discount. Just Contact us for details on payment.

How much it cost to be part of The Obsidian Club?


Our subscription is 350€/month, or 3,500€/year



Looks expensive, why that price?


Stop to think. is a Lamborghini an expensive car? Is a Richard Mille RM-056 an expensive watch? Is a Cohiba Behike an expensive cigar? The value of an object is ultimately the value of an experience, the sense of belonging to something unique and unrepeatable. We are not simple, we are not vulgar. We don't gloat over our successes, nor give up on failures. The Gaman guides our steps. This is a place for determined people, without fear of risk, and with the desire to make life a permanent enjoyment. Only with this philosophy one understands The Club, and understands that the price is the least of it.

All our simulations are made on a 5,000€ basis. Our longest streak returned +25,000€ in 1,5 months. Do you still think we are expensive?




What do i get for the price?


You will receive three daily picks curated by our AI, and reviewed by our experts. Only those that approach a 100% chance of success are chosen. It is up to you whether to use all three, one, or none, that is left to the choice of the Club member, that is the ultimately responsible for the actions taken based on our recommendations


How do i know this is not a scam?


Because deep inside, you know we´re not. Our members are successful professionals, who know that a life of luxury is sacrificed, and, above all, risky. We are an exclusive club with a very high standard of privacy. We are not interested in peanuts, we go for the big fish, and we promise you an exciting ride to success